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Basic Steps For Mobile Game App Development


The mobile gaming industry is constantly increasing since the commitment of users towards applications is increasing at the same time. Nowadays, we not only use our smartphones to carry out actions such as sending messages or registering the news but as an average entertainment. Thanks to innovations in the industry and some platforms, creating and launching games at application stores has become really popular among developers and businesses.

Gaming Experience Today

Mobile gaming applications are a popular culture at this time. Some refer to them as and many other games and mobile games. Some even call gaming applications. Video games are given a new makeover today in the form of a mobile app. These video gaming apps are taking up the market on both platforms, app store and play store. This is when mobile game app development comes in picture

It is a great time to be a mobile player. The screens are bigger than ever, the device probably has more processing power you need, and big game studios are carrying their games for smartphones. Android gaming is at its peak today.

Some Interesting Facts About Mobile Gaming Apps

Here are some facts that might help you to decide if you want to have your own mobile game app development.

  • Only 3% of the players pay money for their games mobile applications.
  • In 2010, the mobile game app industry was worth 33 billion dollars.
  • In 2015 it was worth 54 billion dollars.
  • That’s an increase of 163% over five years.
  • Women between the ages of 35 and 44 are the main consumers of mobile games applications, representing 53% of the total population of mobile games.
  • 37% of iPhone users play games on their phones every day.
  • 80% of sales of app stores are games.
  • The top Five iPhone games in July 2016 were: Pokemon Go, Mobile Strike, war games, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans.
  • In 2015, there was an estimated total of 164.9 million mobile phones only players in the US. By 2021, that number is expected to increase to 213 million.
  • In the US 68% of mobile users play games on their phones.

What Are Gamers Actually Looking For?

Part of this online gaming experience includes what is called the true game of skill by Microsoft. This is an attempt to match players against each other, they have more or less the same set of skills in order to ensure that the gaming experience is something that will make end-users coming back for more rather than It is totally overcome.

This is similar to the way that sports teams during outs attempt, attempt to match players of similar skill teams. These true skill attributes are tracked and linked to the player name in part through the achievements that have been obtained during the local game by the end-user. Most modern games include games that are action games, adventure, shooters, or racing.

Along each of these games, as the user progresses, he or she achieves the goals and unlock other features of each game. These game objects could include new cars, weapons, levels, and a variety of other items or maps. These are achievements that are linked with the player’s name and used in calculating the true level of skill. Thus, this should be kept in mind while mobile game app development.

8 Considerations That You Shouldn’t Miss For Mobile Game App Development

1. Be Dedicated To Your Idea

Ideation is the most complex and crucial to creating a mobile game successful step. For a mobile game to succeed, it is important that is based on a murderer’s idea.

Unfortunately, there is not a straightforward process that can be followed to generate new ideas.

The key to finding an idea is to think of something innovative and attractive. Your idea should be such that it attracts a mass audience in order to help you make profits.

2. Have A Story To Tell

Stories go a long way in the game world. The players have a purpose to finish the game and for this, they need a story that is very simple.

In fact, creating a story is not difficult. To create simply answer the following questions about your characters and you have a story to your game:

3. Make Your Game Addictive

74% of online gamers access their games through mobile. As a game creator certain elements foolproof that help make an addictive game.

Some addiction goes a long way to retain users to their game. Your game should be fun and easy with a difficulty level that increases gradually.

In addition, players tend to lose interest in long games.

To keep them busy creating short levels with lots of unlockable content. In the long term, it can retain users with frequent updates and gifts on holidays and occasions.

4. Look For Key Platforms

To develop anything on mobile will have to decide on the platform. The choice between Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows is a very pressing dilemma.

While Blackberry and Windows are generally neglected the choice of the core is reduced to Android or IOS. You should not hesitate to have an iOS app for your game.

You should avoid the question altogether and go for a hybrid model, but there will be additional costs involved in developing a game for multiple platforms.

The deciding factor in your game should be your target market. Focus on the operating system, its most profitable players use, and prioritize it. If you think your market extends across multiple platforms then just opt ​​for more than one mobile operating system.

5. Invoke Impressive Design

Creating a game design is much more complicated than creating one for an application.

Good game design takes into account multiple factors such as the story directs the play, the characters, and the final appearance. The design of your game can be a great differentiator between your game and your competitor.

When it comes to game design, the possibilities are endless design can be as simple as flat design or style comic with a 3D design.

6. Have Monetisation Strategies

There are many games that are not profitable. You need to plan your monetization strategy game before starting development.

The development of a game can be costly and take time for any platform. Therefore, you should have a plan to recoup the investment.

It’s okay to provide a free version of your game initially. But thereafter, look for monetary strategies as well.

7. Decide Development Technology

Once you have your game idea the next step involves development. Here you will decide upon the main design tools to use and the type of game you need to develop.

There is a lot of competition in the development of mobile games app for android. Thus, you should be sure of the programming language in which you want your game development done.

You can also opt for open source code which is easily available. Thus, game makers should be precise to what extent they want the success of their app.

8. Opt For Appropriate Developer

The last step for developing successful mobile game developers is to choose a qualified game developer.

For android, have a developer that is familiar with android studio. Also, export to android can help.

A developer who has the tools to transform your idea into a lucrative business skill needed. mobile game development is complex and experienced developers need to support their initiatives.

A Complete Step By Step Process To Develop Your Game App.

If you’re not an app developer and you dream of developing an app of yours then you should better get started with the basics.

It takes a lot of energy, research, and hard work to develop an app.

So before you go on to hire someone for doing all the concerned tasks, it is imperative for you as the founder of the app to do all the dirty work of doing the market research and cross-checking the credibility of your game app.

Let’s see everything in a little detail.


1. Market Research

The first and foremost step to be taken is thorough market research for the niche idea of your app.

It is very important to speculate the need for your app and the prevailing competition in the similar genre on app stores (both Apple and Google Play).

Be it a game like Indian Rummy or a game like Candy Crush, you should be clear with your vision of the app and its scalable future.

2. Designing

When you’re done with building a cohesive app idea, designing part of your app kicks in.

In this step, you only have to sketch the basic design of your app- how it would look, its basic features, button designs, etc.

This would give a slight idea to the UX designers to work on it.

3. Build up the team

team work

Image Credits: morph.co.uk

Once you’re ready to start the development process, hire a developer, a UX designer, and a tester. Have a team that has got prior coding experience.

These people will ensure the development and design process of your app.

4. Testing and Feedback

Test your product and take feedback from the audience.

Implement those feedbacks into the product coupled with the elimination of bugs from the app.

This will ensure smooth navigation in the app without any glitches.

A solid marketing plan: The best application in the world will not succeed if it is not marketed thoroughly.

Include app promotion in your budget; it’s essential if you want to attract your first users, test metrics, and continue with more campaigns.

FAQ’s of Game App Development

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Wrapped Up

As mentioned above, games are taking a lot of market space and attention today. It is a high revenue-generating idea. Games are trending and therefore launching your own game app can get you a lot of monetary benefits as well. Our company can help you to build iOS apps.

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